Covering households from Etobicoke to Hamilton for over 20 years

with DIRECT your
message hits home...

About Us...

For more than 20 years, Direct Distribution has
distributed flyers, door hanger cards, various sized
magazines and product samples to households throughout
Etobicoke, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington,
Milton and Hamilton.

Direct Distribution offers supervised adult delivery, targeted
household demographics, verification reports, and competitive
pricing to fit virtually any budget.

See for yourself why many of Canada's most recognizable
product names and services trust their direct mail advertising
deliveries to Direct Distribution.

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ETOBICOKE: 10 Postal Codes
M9W 7392
M9V 8802
M8V 5020
M8W 5267
M9C 6774
M8X 2225
M9A 540
M9B 7213
M8Y 4295
M8Z 5195
TOTAL # HOMES 52,183
MISSISSAUGA: 19 Postal Codes
L5J 7402
L5C 7650
L5K 2942
L5L 12,564
L4T 7704
L5E 3329
L5G 4558
L5H 5337
L5M 26,537
L4W 5230
L4X 3235
L4Y 5362
L5N 22,717
L5W 6143
L5A 6678
L5B 7310
L4Z 7970
L5R 7480
L5V 12,366
TOTAL # HOMES 162,514
OAKVILLE: 5 Postal Codes
L6H 17,201
L6J 7215
L6K 3002
L6L 8986
L6M 17,791
TOTAL # HOMES 54,195
BURLINGTON: 7 Postal Codes
L7L 14,164
L7N 4073
L7R 4330
L7S 2311
L7T 4787
L7M 15,087
L7P 9169
TOTAL # HOMES 53,921
BRAMPTON: 10 Postal Codes
L6S 14,325
L6T 6449
L6W 5312
L6Y 16,250
L6V 10,903
L6X 15,853
L6Z 8955
L7A 17,119
L6P 16,425
L6R 18,334
TOTAL # HOMES 129,925
MILTON: 1 Postal Code
L9T 27,814
TOTAL # HOMES 27,814
HAMILTON: 20 Postal Codes
L8L 10,011
L8M 3352
L8N 1660
L8P 3820
L8R 1930
L8S 4447
L8T 6143
L8V 6134
L8W 8040
L8J 6803
L9B 7226
L9G 7896
L9H 9718
L9K 3996
L9A 7726
L9C 2612
L8E 11,216
L8G 6145
L8H 9388
L8K 9219
TOTAL # HOMES 127,483

Whether you are a nationally recognized brand or just
a small local pizza joint with a great tasting pizza and
some outstanding value deals, Direct Distributing will
handle your direct mail distribution with the same
professional focus.


When you need your message to hit 'home',
Direct delivers.

We value your business...

Due to the large variety of factors that are used to determine pricing, please call us with your own specific needs:

  • SIZE

Depending on your specifics, we can deliver your message for as low as $50.00 per thousand.

Please contact us for an accurate quote:
905.332.5658     info@directdistrib.ca


155-2186 Mountain Grove Drive,
Burlington ON L8P 4X4

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